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Product Packaging

Sometimes TSG's products need a packaging refresh or rebranded to another brand for a different market. One of Gaby's tasks as the Graphic Designer was to transform these packaging designs to be on-brand and captivating.

Binoculars rebranding from Hammer & Axe to Discovery #Mindblown

Hammer & Axe is an outdoor gifting-focused brand with a target audience of men and campers. Discovery #Mindblown is a kids' STEM toys brand encouraging kids to explore and experiment to play. TSG  wanted to sell this binocular product to these different markets

H&A bino copy.jpg
binoculars pack & photo.jpg
RC Toys rebranding from Sharper Image to Black Series

Both Sharper Image and Black Series are cross-category retail brands, including remote control (RC) toys. Black Series caters to the Australian market while Sharper Image the rest of the world. Here are some examples of the packaging redesigns.

Toy RC Battle Tracks
Battle Wedge SI pack_Page_1.jpg
Battle Wedge BS pack_Page_1.jpg
Battle Wedge SI.png
Battle Wedge BS.png
Glow Stunt Drone
Glow Stunt Drone SI pack_Page_1.jpg
Glow Stunt Drone SI.png
Glow Stunt Drone BS pack_Page_1.jpg
Glow Stunt Drone BS.png
Sharper Image RC Toys Packaging Refresh

Sometimes brands just need to update their look to fit the current trends (while still staying on brand) more and attract more customers. The direction of the new designs was to make them look bold and simple. '77' symbolises the year  Sharper Image was founded (1977). Here are some of the Sharper Image RC toys that Gaby designed for the new look, both the toys themselves and the packaging.

Toy RC Phantom Destroyer
Phantom Destroyer 1_16.png
Phantom Destroyer_RESKIN.jpg
Phantom Destroyer 116_packaging.JPG
Phantom Destroyer_New Packaging.jpeg
Toy RC Thunder Thrasher
Thunder Thrasher_RESKIN.jpg
Thunder Thrasher 116.JPG
Thunder Thrasher_New Packaging.jpeg
Toy RC Mountain Thrasher
Hobby Lite Truck 110.png
Hobby Lite Truck_Product.png
Hobby Lite Truck  _original.png
Hobby Lite Truck.jpg
FAO Schwarz Plush PDQ Design

Some of the plush collections from FAO Schwarz are often displayed in bulk, in PDQ.

Here's an example.

Projector Plush PDQ_All.jpg
Projector Plush Box_Mockup Dragon.jpg
2022-06-29_Back Design Mockup.jpg
2022-06-28_Projector Plush Box.jpg
FAO Schwarz Plush "Planet Love" Collection International Hangtag Refresh

"Planet Love" is FAO Schwarz's sustainable plush line that uses recycled faux fur. To sell this line to the international market,  TSG refreshed the original design from the US to a new look, designed by Gaby.

old badge.png
old badge copy.png
Original design
New design
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