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Mural - AIA Carnival

The AIA Carnival has been a vital part of Hong Kong cultural events, and it's finally back in December 2023. As a part of the festivities, AIA commissioned three artists from the artist collective HKWALLS to create murals. 

"Quali-tea Time", is the mural piece by Gaby Teresa. The Carnival is a great place to spend time with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories. The mural combines the carnival theme with Gaby's love of food which brings joy.

Mural BTS Photos-01.jpg

Painting on A Denim Jacket - Earthero Studio Art-isan Collective

This was a part of "_Reimagined: Wear Earthero Showcase", Asia's first wearable art exhibition in collaboration with 8 Hong Kong artists (7-16 Jan 2022). Gaby was one of the artists designing and painting the jacket. The jacket was a one-of-a-kind piece sold to auction. 


"Colours, shapes, and my subconscious mind - this piece is all about the fun side of life! Taking inspiration from Hong Kong delicacies and putting them altogether, abstracted."


Painting on A Fabric Turned Into Shirts - Earthero Studio Art-isan Collective 2.0

This was a part of "Daydream Believer ", an immersive sustainable fashion experience in collaboration with Hong Kong artists (14-15 Jan 2023). Gaby was one of the artists designing and painting the fabric that was later made into T-shirt designs. 

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