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NextGenHK zine vol.1


NextGenHK was an exhibition in Soho House Hong Kong, featuring 30+ illustrators based in Hong Kong, from 3-12 Dec 2020. Curated by Jonathan Jay Lee (JJL). Poster artwork by JJL, typography by Gaby Teresa.

This is a zine of every artist's work presented in the exhibition, in which Gaby was one of the layout designers. This showcases the layouts that were designed by her.

star chew

Salted Egg Shrimp Heads SG Foodcourt 1.jpg

Star Chew is a snack brand based in Hong Kong established in 2017 with the sole intention of elevating the everyday snack experience, with the most iconic snack being the Salted Egg flavored series. Star Chew is under parent company King Cyber Limited (KCL).

Gaby was an in-house designer in charge of providing marketing materials (online and offline), packaging designs, and website designs. This showcases the best works done by her including graphics, layout designs, typography (Chinese and English), photography, and photo manipulation.

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