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1. Concepting and Sketching

Starting off by finding the objective of the project, in this case, is an opening sequence for the Fruit Ninja game (personal project). Fruits can be associated with summertime, so I thought of making a summer edition of it by making a pool party filled with the fruits as cute characters. I also love putting a little dark humor in my work, so having the fruits sliced up but all cheery and happy is morbidly cute for my concept. I put all of my ideas in sketches, in this case, some sort of a storyboard. If it's a project on a bigger scale, then I would create a mood board first before I start sketching.

Gaby Teresa ILLU433 A2 sketch.jpg

2. Illustrating

After I got my concept done, I start making the illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Everything is made using the pen tool and/or combining shapes based on my sketch. In this case, since it's a motion media project, I also created additional assets to be used in the animation. My color palette is usually simply using my own personal taste (high saturation, mostly pinks, and purples). My personal color palette matches this bubbly concept, but of course, depending on the concept the color palette is then adjusted.

ILLU433 A2- 1.jpg
ILLU433 A2-2.jpg

3. Animating

After the main illustration and additional assets are done, I move my AI file to Adobe After Effects to start animating them.

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 21.54.17.png


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