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1. Concepting and Sketching 

Set up an objective of the project, in this case, is a magazine cover inspired by MAD Magazine (personal project). The theme I'm going for is making fun of the situation that 2020 graduates including myself have to face because of the pandemic. After I have a clear objective, I make some rough thumbnails for possible compositions. After selecting one, I refine that sketch. It doesn't have to be perfect, but more importantly understandable as a base.

sketch p4.jpg

2. Filling the base, building up the value

Fill the sketch with solid colors, starting with a darker color using a hard-edged brush. Later on, build up the value by applying even darker colors for shadows and lighter colors for highlights. Blend as appropriate. I used Procreate for this project, but Adobe Photoshop is another option.


3. Adding texts/additional elements

After the illustration is done, add some texts/ supporting elements to make the image complete. And it's done!

Gaby_Teresa_ILLU204_MAD (no text).jpg
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