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1. Concepting and Sketching 

Set up an objective of the project, in this case, is an augmented reality poster of DEAN (South Korean artist)'s song. I wanted the concept to match with the already existing music video, which is black & white with a tiny hint of yellow tones. So I thought of combining a black & white image with some minimal color shapes. I thought that combining traditional media (graphite) with vector shapes would be interesting. 

After I have a clear objective of the project, I explored some composition options.

ILLU433 A3 sketches.jpg

2. Drawing with graphite (traditional media)

For this project, I use graphite pencils to draw DEAN to give him a realistic look combined with vector shapes.

dean sketch.jpg

3. Creating the vector shapes

The vector shapes include elements for the background and typography.

dean shapes.png
dean text.png

3. Combining and editing in Photoshop

Compose and adjust everything in Adobe Photoshop. The illustration is done~

Gaby Teresa_ILLU 433_Fall 2019_A3.jpg

4. Animating

This is an augmented reality poster, meaning when you use an app to scan the image, it will come alive from your device. So after the illustration part is done, I put the PSD file in After Effects to animate it.

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 21.44.35.png


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